12 Rigs of Christmas: Day 4: Panther Rig 4

8 12 2014

The photo printing lab strongly recommends that orders be in by Dec. 8 in order to be sure they make it for Christmas, so I am accelerating my “12 Rigs of Christmas.”

What do you buy a guy who as all the toys and works in the patch?

How about a gorgeous wall print of their favorite rig? Over the past several years, I have photographed most of the locally owned rigs in southeast Saskatchewan, including rigs from Betts Drilling, Red Dog Drilling, Panther Drilling, Stampede Drilling and Vortex Drilling. There’s even an occasional Savannah, CanElson and Precision, too!

In that vein, I am presenting the 12 rigs of Christmas. Next up: Panther Drilling Rig 4, which was photographed just north of Estevan, on its first hole. It was nice and shiny as a result. To order find a picture just right for you, click here.

But don’t wait for your particular rig to come up. They can all be found here.

You can order any size, from tiny up to 40×60 inches, so there’s something for every budget.

Until Dec. 11, there is a 15% coupon on all Panther Drilling prints. This includes Rig 1, 2, 3 and 4. Enter coupon code: Panther

(HOWEVER, please noted orders should be in by Dec. 8 to be sure they will make it here by Christmas. There may be a rush delivery option, but I’m not sure.)

You can order prints off my website, perfect for delivery for Christmas. Just click on the green “Buy Photos” They can be printed as gallery wrap canvases, metal prints, or even on coffee cups. The turnaround for almost all these orders in 1-3 business days. Allow for shipping from California, where the lab is located.

Merry Christmas!



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