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23 11 2018

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Quarter Million Views for A Year on a Saskatchewan Farm video

25 05 2018

Around 1 p.m. on May 25, this video hit a quarter million views in the seven months since it was posted. It is still getting about 800 views per day. It has been very popular in the United States, Germany and Poland, in addition to Canada.

Interestingly, in many of the countries where it has been watched, 100 per cent of the viewship was male. That includes Poland, France, UK, Brazil, Denmark, Ukraine, Czechia, Romania, Switzerland, Sweden, Italy, Latvia and India.

The comments are interesting, because it gets a lot of comparisons to Farm Simulator.

I haven’t posted on here for quite a while because I was swamped with a few massive projects. This video, the additional videos in the series, and the photography accompanying it, was one of those reasons.

While it continues to do great, it has a ways to go to catch up to the related snow clearing video, which is closing in on 600,000 views. Viewership on it has been worldwide, but dropped off quite a bit when the summer came. It’s still getting 310 views per day. On Oct. 21, 2017, it had 54,302 views in one day, which totally blew me away.

Thanks again to Jason and Sherrill LeBlanc for bringing me in to do this.

First courtroom sketches in 8 years — Brian Zinchuk Publishing

10 05 2016

From 2004-2008 I spent up to three days a week covering court for the Battlefords News-Optimist. During that time I did quite a bit of courtroom sketches. In junior high and high school I did a lot of sketching. For a brief period I dreamt of becoming a comic book artist. I drew the occasional […]

via First courtroom sketches in 8 years — Brian Zinchuk Publishing

First courtroom sketches in 8 years

10 05 2016

From 2004-2008 I spent up to three days a week covering court for the Battlefords News-Optimist. During that time I did quite a bit of courtroom sketches. In junior high and high school I did a lot of sketching. For a brief period I dreamt of becoming a comic book artist. I drew the occasional portraits of pretty girls, hoping they would notice me, but it didn’t get me anywhere.

Jump forward 10 years and I was sitting in court, trying to sort out several brothers of the same last name who were being prosecuted as the biggest cocaine dealers in town. I sketched out mugshots of each in my lined notebook, and we eventually printed these with the story. Soon sketching was a way to stay awake during boring proceedings. It also added an element to my court coverage that is rarely ever seen in smaller centres these days.

North Battleford Provincial Court was set up in a way that it was impossible to get photos of an accused coming in or out. Cameras are forbidden in Canadian courts, and for good reason. Thus, the only way to get an image of someone was to sketch them. And I was the only one around who did that. For some big cases, my sketches even made it to the national news (although TV stations were pretty stingy on what they would pay).

Recently a friend was prosecuting a case in Estevan, so I took some time to attend court and do a few sketches. These are the result. Not bad, given the most recent sketches in that sketchbook were dated 2007.

Here are a few from back then, when I was hitting my stride. You might recognize the guy in purple – Curtis Dagenais. He was convicted of killing two Mounties near Spiritwood. It actually occurred just a few miles from where I had photographed a wedding the previous summer. I had just started to experiment with colour. Nearly all my previous work had been in pencil, from 4H to 6B.

Photobooth at Ross LeBlanc’s 80th Birthday

9 05 2016

On April 30th I provided a photobooth for Ross LeBlanc’s 80th birthday.

Ross, who plays guitar in a band, was told he had to be at the Estevan Royal Canadian Legion to play for an anniversary. The Legion was filled to capacity with friends and family, some who had come a very long way.

After the surprise I shot a few family photos before the party really got underway. Then I fired up the photobooth and got a lot of great photos. It was probably the longest line I’ve ever had, and we were burning through them quickly, too. I think nearly all the nearly 300 people went through in a couple hours.

This photobooth was my third use of a green screen and it worked well. Out of the seven scenes you could choose, I added two custom ones for this event – a canola field and the Torquay elevator. (Ross has lived all his life near Oungre, his grand-daughter tells me). Other choices included the Las Vegas strip, Banff, a pier by the ocean, two palm trees scenes. (Thanks to Jon Gillies, Images by Gillies, for the pier shot and one of the palm trees. He travels more than I do.)

The entire gallery can be found here.

Photobooth sessions like this are a lot of fun for parties, be it weddings, Christmas parties, anniversaries or birthdays, apparently. Each group that goes through gets a 4×6 print to take home, and you get the digital files so you can see all the fun.

Drop me a line if you’re interested.

First canvas went to auction

29 01 2016


Today was a big day for me. It’s the first time I’ve donated a canvas of my oilfield photography to a charitable cause. In this case it was the Estevan Sportsman’s Dinner in support of the Estevan Bruins Junior A hockey team.


This is the first time I’ve produced this image. It was taken a year ago, on a very cold January day five miles northeast of Stoughton. There are three rigs in the centre, flanked by two HG pumpjacks. There was actually a fourth rig in the sequence, but it was across the road and there was no way to line up all four in this manner.

Three guesses who they were drilling for.


I have another copy of this image that will be mounted and ready for sale this weekend. I also have similar canvases available at the Solar Art Gallery in the Estevan Shoppers Mall.


I can also do conventional photo prints up to 44 x 96 inches, canvases up to 36 x96 inches, and metal prints up to 36 x 48 inches. Four of these are currently being installed in a Calgary-based junior oil producer’s office.

If you would like to order a canvas print like this, please contact me. Here’s a gallery of some photos you might want to consider.


A Jedi with a camera

18 12 2015

For many years I’ve joked with friends and assistants about being a Jedi knight with a camera, powerful with the ways of the Force. After all, photography is all about light, and dark….

For a while there I even had an unofficial padawan, as it were, who has gone on to do great things. You can check out Josh’s website at (“When I left you, I was but the learner. Now I am the master…” Yes, I am that much of a nerd.)

Thus it’s entirely appropriate I bought some pre-roll advertising for Star Wars: The Force Awakens, when it plays at the Estevan Orpheum Theatre. The 20-second clip highlights several of my specialties, but not all.

If you’re looking for a professional photographer, you want someone who can handle any situation and come away with high quality, usable images. That can be commercial work in the oilfield, or grad portraits that stand out from the rest. As a news photographer first and foremost, I have to be adaptable to shoot just about anything in any situation or lighting condition.

Here are some of the areas I’ve built my skills in over the years:

Additionally, I’m in the process of developing:

  • Video
  • Drone aerial work (coming spring 2016, as soon as some federal regulations change)

I also offer high-end products you don’t see around here that often like

So is that being a Jedi with a camera? Maybe. But I wield my Nikons like a lightsaber.

If you have a project coming up and need images that will stand out, please contact me at 306-461-5599 or You can also check out my Facebook page.

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