What You Really Want

What You Really Want is Flexibility
Let’s face it:  you don’t want hassles with your photographer. You want all the pictures, at high resolution, and you want to be able to do whatever you feel like with them. If you can’t put them on Facebook or in your advertising, then what’s the point?

Also, you want a photographer who knows what they’re doing, is going to create stunning images, and is not going to be watching the clock, because you only booked them for four hours.

Digital files

What everyone really wants is the digital files. Prints are nice, but you want to be able to post them on your web page or Facebook.

I realizes this. That’s why all packages are designed around the idea that you get all the pictures, even with the most basic package.


Each year I attend the largest photography convention and trade show in North America, Wedding & Portrait Photographers International (WPPI). At this enormous trade show, there are roughly sixty or seventy album providers. The one I chose, GraphiStudio is simply the best. If they are not the best in the world, they are in the top three.

Graphi’s albums are hand made in a in Venice, Italy. Their research and development department is at Count Ceconi Castle, in the northeastern Alps, 30 minutes from Venice. No, really. They are. How cool is that? The Italians take their wedding albums very seriously. Except I don’t do a lot of weddings these days.

My albums are now of things like drilling rigs, or Harley Davidsons. They each come in their own special briefcase. They weigh a ton, or at least 7 pounds. My preferred cover is a heavy plate of aluminum. I usually use metallic paper for eye-popping colour. The back and spine are Italian-leather bound.

They are not at all cheap. But once you have held one, you will never forget it.


Affiliated with Technicare, Canada’s largest printing lab for professional photographers, and BayPhoto, one of the leading professional labs in the U.S., I can offer any possible photographic product imaginable, from metallic prints to canvas gallery wraps.

I have recently acquired one of the highest quality printers made short of a printing press, an Epson 9900. This now allows me to produce in-house prints up to 44 inches wide and up to 40 feet long. This is going to be used primarily for printing canvas gallery wraps in-house. I can literally make prints the size of a door. I will be producing a 360 degree panorama of a drilling floor 8 feet long and 2 feet tall this fall.

Prints will be available for purchase online at galleries.zinchuk.ca. Every possible size and format will be available, including cards, metallic prints, gallery wraps, and even metal prints that ‘float’ on your wall. Contact me directly if you have special requirements or requests.


Payment is accepted by Visa, MasterCard or Interac though a mobile Interac machine or online (credit cards only). Cheque is accepted from corporate clients only.

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