12 Rigs of Christmas: Day 8: Stampede Drilling Rig 1

11 12 2014

Yesterday I posted Betts Drilling Rig 2, which was photographed on a beautiful summer day. Well, today’s rig was also taken on a sunny day, but it sure wasn’t summer. The Day 8 rig of the 12 Rigs of Christmas was photographed in the coldest conditions I have ever worked in. I didn’t even know if the cameras would work after a few minutes, but they did. It was something like -37 C with a -52 C wind chill. Thank God for hoarding around the drill floor! I felt really sorry for the roughnecks.

Did I mention there was a rig move involved too? In this God-forsaken cold weather? This was right around the time that Kory Sheets was working for Fast Trucking, although I didn’t see him on this move. I saw him on TV a few days later moving what looked like a CanElson or Betts rig. It was orange anyway.

Photos of Stampede 1 in all its frozen glory can be found here.

My other drilling rigs can be found here.

The photo lab suggested that all orders to Canada should be in by Dec. 8, or Monday. So if you would like a print of one of these pictures, please contact me directly at brian.zinchuk@sasktel.net. With a giant Epson 9900 printer the size of a love seat and weighing 340 lbs., I have the ability to do paper prints up to 16×20 ($75, need to be framed) or 16×32 here in Estevan, or canvas prints from 18×24 ($240), 24×36 ($500) to 36×96 ($1900). Canvas prints cost about $80 per square foot. Canvas prints especially take a fair bit of work, so you need to order early.

I also may be able to order other sizes of prints from my Canadian lab, but those would need to be ordered quickly.

Merry Christmas!




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