Joanne & Greg

15 01 2011

I feel like I got hit by a bus, or an ambulance

It's a good thing the bride was a paramedic.

I knew Greg’s dad, Wayne, from my work as the city hall reporter in North Battleford. He sat on several committees for the city. Wayne used to be a counter-intelligence RCMP officer and got a degree while doing surveillance on a C

hinese spy who was a professor.

This wedding was done in the georgeous United Church, which had a large pipe organ. It also has nice lighting in the sanctuary.

Pipe organ church

It's not often you see a pipe organ like this.

For fun, I had the bridal party give scores out of 10 for how well the bridal couple kissed, kind of like the judges in figure skating.

The Battlefords bridge and the road near it is one of my favourite spots to shoot. This wedding shows a bit of why.

At the very end of the gallery, you’ll see us at the ambulance base. Joanne was a paramedic, so she got to patch up her new hubby after driving over him with the ambulance!

Here’s the link:

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