WPPI is amazing

22 02 2011

Vegas, baby!

I’m just over the halfway point of Wedding Professional Photographer International’s week-long conference in Las Vegas. Wow, this is amazing. I’ve taken in several workshops each day, covering everything from posing (how to do 250  stunning poses in an hour and a half) to marketing to grad portraits. I’ve already filled an 80 page notebook with notes. It’s a good thing I brought three! I will probably fill at least one more.

The presenters are absolutely the best in the business. One has shot 3600 weddings! These are the absolute top in the industry, the ones whose work graces the front page of photography magazines, or even National Geopgrahic. I even had a chance to briefly talk to Joe McNally, the National Geographic photographer who has literally written the book (The Hot Shoe Diaries) about using small flashes like big strobes. His techniques has literally turned the photography world on its head in the past five years. His work has substantially changed the way I work. I now carry three flashes in my bag at all times.

McNally shot the first digital photo assignment for National Geographic ever, as just one of his list of accomplishments. He’s been to over 50 countries!

Funny thing is, I sat five feet from him during the previous session, and didn’t know it.

While I was disappointed that he essentially chose to do a slideshow presentation of his previous work (This is Afghanistan, this is the inside of a living human brain and is now considered one of the top 100 photos ever taken…), it was an honor to see him just the same. Indeed, I had even considered driving the 9 or so hours to Calgary to take part in his two day workshop.

The trade show has been absolutely amazing, and I only got through 1/4 of it today. There are so many cutting edge products out there, I will be offering a lot more innovative products. Some of these albums are to die for. I have also signed up with an online print provider that will allow you to order prints in almost any imaginable format and size.  More will be said about as I roll it out.

I’ll also be putting together some ideas for grad portraits.

Much, much more to come. I am very excited. This year is going to rock. I can’t wait!



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22 02 2011

You go to meet Joe! That is fantastic. Bambi Cantrell is suppose to be a good one to go to there too. The trade show itself would be worth going to but but with all those workshops you must be in heaven. Can’t wait to hear of the highlights when you get back

1 03 2011

I’ll be blogging highlights over the next month.

McNally was actually a disappointment. He did a slideshow. I took half a page of notes. That’s it.

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