Free Wedding Promo 2011

6 03 2011
Get your wedding photography FREE!

Get your wedding photography FREE!

Brian Zinchuk Publishing will give away ONE FREE WEDDING PACKAGE in southeast Saskatchewan in 2011, a value of $2500! This isn’t just a few hours and photos on a disk, but the whole ball of wax – professional album, all-day coverage, wall prints, professionally edited photos on disk, the works.

The Prize

  1. The prize: a $2500 Silver wedding package, including:
    1. Layflat photo album 20 pages
    2. One 16×20 wall print (metallic)
    3. Three 11×14 wall prints (metallic)
    4. USB key memory stick with all images optimized for display on a 1080p high definition television
    5. High Res DVD set


  1. There are some limitations, including:
    1. The wedding must be on a date that I am not already booked on for a paying client.
    2. The wedding must occur in 2011.
    3. The wedding must be within 100 km of Estevan, Saskatchewan
    4. There will be no second shooter (photographer)
    5. The couple must allow me to set up the event printer for sales of photos during the reception.
    6. Photos must be allowed for promotional purposes, as well as the lucky couple’s names.

How to Qualify

  1. How do I qualify?
    1. Like my Facebook page:
    2. Notify me, Brian Zinchuk, by email to to let me know that you are participating. I must be available for your wedding date. If I don’t know you’re taking part before you start, you will not be eligible. You will also have to send a friend request to my personal Facebook account. I will call you to confirm the details.
    3. You must get 100 of your Facebook friends to like my page. I will be able to tell by seeing if there are 100 mutual friends. They have to be real people, not fake accounts. Only the first person to hit 100 mutual friends gets the free wedding, however, there will be specials offered to the next five to hit 100 and the following five to hit 50. See below.
    4. You might want to send your friends a facebeook message (not just a post) along the lines of: “I can get my wedding photos done for free if 100 of my friends like Brian Zinchuk Publishing! (http://www.facebook/BrianZinchukPublishing) Please sign up, it’s worth $2500 to me! Thank you!!!”
  2. To have a feeling you’re getting close, go to my Brian Zinchuk Publishing Facebook page and see how many of your friends like it. You can tell by looking at the top right corner, where it says how many of your friends also like Brian Zinchuk Publishing.
  3. When your number of friends who like Brian Zinchuk Publishing Facebook page reaches 100, notify me IMMEDIATELY via email to, or texting me at 306-461-5599. As soon as possible, I will confirm this by comparing my “like” list with your “friend” list. If the number is 100 or more, you win! If several people notify me at the same time, the first one to contact me and have 100 is the winner. My inbox on my Blackberry will be the timekeeper.
  4. The deadline for entry is 23:59 hours CST, May 30, 2011.
  5. My decision is final. The prize cannot be redeemed for cash value, and is only good for what is listed here. The prize must be accepted as presented.
  6. Bonus! If the winner gets 250 friends to like Brian Zinchuk Publishing, they will be upgraded to a Gold package worth $3,500, for free. This includes an additional two full-sized copies of the layflat album for the parents, and an upgrade to a 20×24 wall print.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What if I’m so close, but someone else books that day before I can hit 100? Am I out of luck?
    1. Unfortunately, yes. However, you can decide to book that day and pay your retainer to secure the date, and continue to take part in the promotion. If you do win this promotion, your retainer will be refunded and the Silver package will be free. Just a suggestion: go hard, because there is likely going to be a lot of interest.
  2. If I’ve already booked my wedding with Brian Zinchuk Publishing, can I still participate?
    1. Yes! If you’re the winner, you will still get the Silver package free, and you’ll even get your retainer refunded, or you can use it towards upgrading your package.
  3. What if I’m not first?
    1. You can still win! Don’t stop recruiting friends! The next five to hit 100 mutual Facebook friends will receive free parent book albums (two smaller copies of your wedding album), a value of approximately $500. NOTE: This is only redeemable if you book your wedding with Brian Zinchuk Publishing.
    2. For the next five people who get 50 of their friends to like Brian Zinchuk Publishing, they will qualify for an upgrade to canvas gallery wraps for the wall prints in your package. NOTE: This is only redeemable if you book your wedding with Brian Zinchuk Publishing.
    3. If you have any questions, contact me via Facebook or email.
  4. Good luck!
  5. P.S. While you are welcome to “like” this page (please do!), your friends must “like” the main Brian Zinchuk Publishing Facebook Page, to be counted. 



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