Wedding Album Arrives From Italy

31 05 2011


Wedding Album 12x16 Metallic

This is probably the biggest album you're ever going to see

I just received my sample albums from my new Italian ablum supplier, GraphiStudio. These people are the industry leaders, and the quality of their work shows it. It’s simply stunning. While I have taken photos of it to show you, your screen simply cannot do it justice. Printed on metallic paper with an aluminum cover and leather binding, it’s something you have to see in person to really appreciate. The metallic paper makes the colours leap off the page.

This album is 40 pages long, and documents the wedding of Jolene and Brennon (Click here to see a gallery of photos that appeared in the album, and click here to see the whole album, as printed). It was taken in North Battleford. The ceremony took place in a beautiful brick church. While the bridal party was on the steps, they released birds. (I can’t remember if they were doves or pigeons.)

Fly away

The outdoor portraits were done near the family farm.You’ll seem some old wooden fences, where the family photos were done, as well as an old John Deere Tractor.

Old tractor

I especially like the shots of them in the field, and have used one of them for a lot of my promotional material, including business cards.

Business card shot

The end of the book shows a little treat we prepared months in advance. When we did our initial consultation, I suggested that Brennon carve their names into a tree somewhere on their farm. After a few months, it would heal, leaving a permanent carving on the tree. The last few pages show him taking her down a trail to the tree, showing her the carving, and then sweeping her into his arms and giving her a kiss.  

Trail panorama

Walking down to the special treeFinding the carvingIt was all worth it!



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