Vortex Drilling

14 07 2011

Vortex Drilling

I was asked to take promotional photos for Vortex Drilling, a new drilling company in southeast Saskatchewan. This is Rig 1, drilling its first hole. The shoot had beautiful lighting and weather. I stayed until sunset to get some really standout photos. It was also a chance for me to try my hand at both 360 degree panoramas and high dynamic range (HDR) photography. The panoramas of the drill floor and doghouse were 1.2 GIGABYTES each, once twelve 12 megapixel photos were combined. That’s large enough to make a print up to 10 feet wide and not notice any pixelation unless your nose was touching it. I’ll post a few more in the coming days.

If you’re looking for some standout photos for your company, be it for your website, print advertising, annual report or prospectus, or even corporate gifts, drop me a line. Also note: I have my safety tickets and personal protective equipment, plus as a former pipeliner, I’ve been around a lot of oilfield equipment. I don’t know of any other photographers in the area that can say the same.

This was one of the most involved shoots I’ve done. It took a lot of work, but I have to say, these are some of the most spectacular final products I have produced.

It was also nice to visit a brand spanking new rig.

Vortex is already building its second rig.

The principals behind Vortex



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