More Vortex Drilling

20 07 2011

As promised, here are a few more shots from the Vortex Drilling shoot. The one above is very, very large panorama of the doghouse. Click on it to see it. It’s a rather unusual design, in that it has a slide-out just like a camper, increasing its interior space by about a quarter to a third. The driller and motorman can both work indoors. The motorman has a waist-pack remote control. The console to the right has the touch screens, including the video feed from remote cameras mounted around the rig.

This shot of the roughnecks making a connection was taken from overhead, using my ‘camera on a stick’ approach. I put the camera on a 5’6″ monopod, extend it over my head, and use a wired trigger to set it off. A wide angle and autofocus take care of the focus issues. It takes several shots to get a good one.

These guys work hard. I’ve never seen a fat roughneck.

Here’s a nice silhouette of one of the men on the pipe racks.

The barbed wire fence and black and white give an old-fashioned feel to a brand new rig.

A little drama

Need a little drama? This photo is a little bit of playing around with Photoshop. The cloud was actually 90 miles away, two weeks later, so it’s a time-travelling, faster-than-speed of light cloud. But combined, it looks pretty dramatic.

Again, I’m the only pro photographer I know in this area who has actually been on rigs and oilfield equipment a fair bit, and has his PPE and safety tickets. If you need some commercial photography in the oilpatch, let me know.



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19 10 2011

Beautiful shots. It is amazing how you capture the true essence of the patch.

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