Website address changes and fair warning on sports photos

16 08 2011

I’m in the process of consolidating my web presence so that it’s much easier to navigate. It will all eventually come under the banner.

Currently, the blog is hosted at That will become

The newer photo galleries for viewing and ordering were at Older galleries were at These will come together at

The new site offers the ability to Facebook share photos and to order prints online in an almost infinite variety of forms. All future photo sales will now be hosted through, including wedding, portrait, commercial and sports. You can order prints of almost any size or variety, including coffee cups and gallery wraps!

If you have any of these bookmarked, you will want to change those bookmarks now.

It also means that the order form currently on will eventually be phased out by Halloween, and with it, the ability to order photos from past sporting events. I have about 4 terabytes of hard drives chock full of football, hockey, baseball, softball, synchronized swimming, water polo, ringette, tae kwon do, stock car racing and more. I am running out of space!

That means if you have been putting off ordering some photos such as football (you know who you are), you need to do it now, because they will soon be going bye-bye and the raw files may be meeting the great delete button in the sky. Orders will be done within 8 weeks, since I need to squeeze it in between other projects. As an added incentive, I will throw in a duplicate print of any order between now and Halloween, free of charge.

Once this is all sorted out, it will be a lot easier to access and offer a lot more features for my clients.

While I make this move, I will be posting links to the galleries from previous shoots. Please check them out!



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