Vortex Drilling Full Gallery

19 08 2011

This is the full Vortex Drilling gallery. As noted before, it was done on this new rig company’s first rig, on its first hole. Everything is nice, shiny and new. The weather co-operated beautifully. I was on site for about five or six hours to get the sunset and all the product shots. This shoot’s purpose was for the website and advertising for Vortex Drilling.

Interestingly enough, I am getting a Google seach every second day or so looking for Vortex drilling or similar photos. Today the search term was “roughnecks making a connection.”

Some of these turned out so well, I am considering putting one on the side of my truck, or more likely, my wife’s truck. I hope she doesn’t mind.

The whole gallery can be found here.

The signage was done by Imagination Ink in Regina, which can be found here.

Yesterday I was able to visit Vortex Rig 2, already under construction in Estevan. It will be going out to work this fall.



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