It’s not just the bride and groom kissing

5 09 2011

Moore Bunnell WeddingThese are the grandparents of the groom of a wedding I did in October, 2007. Their love for each other was obvious, and I ‘encouraged’, okay, commanded them, to give each other a kiss. He didn’t seem to mind, as evidenced by the giant smile on his face afterwards.

I was showing my aunt a sample wedding album I have had done up recently, and she pointed out that there were a lot of people kissing in it. She actually went through and counted 10 photos of the bride and groom kissing. I hadn’t realized it at first, but she was right.

If you aren’t going to kiss on your wedding day, when are you?

So I take a lot pictures of people kissing on the big day. It turns out, the gentleman here passed away a few months later. I’m glad I was able to provide the family with something that reminded them of the love between them.

Click here or on the photo to be taken to the full gallery.

What should you take from this? If I’m your wedding photographer, better pucker up! You never know, you might enjoy it!




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