First day of Showcase over, looking forward to Day 2

24 09 2011

Wow, I was really impressed with the turnout at today’s Showcase in Estevan’s Spectra Place. The response was just amazing! I had lots of people asking about commercial and bike photography, as well as some family shots. The albums of a Harley, a drilling rig, and several weddings were very well received. I am pleased to say most who leafed through them were impressed. It made me quite happy to see that.

Just a note: click on the galleries link above to see some new video slideshows I just posted, as well as all my photo galleries.

Remember Romper Room? I would like to say goodnight to Dave, Robert, Amber, Brittany, Garnet x2, Bryan, Ryan, Alicia, Sharon, and you too!

See you tomorrow!



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