Going to WPPI

7 11 2011

I am now registered to attend WPPI (Wedding and Portrait Photographers International) annual trade show and convention in Las Vegas next February. Last year over 16,000 photographers attended. In addition to sitting in on a week’s worth of extremely interesting workshops, I was able to find suppliers for nearly every aspect of my business.

The trade show was amazing. For instance, there were probably 60 or 70 album providers there. I signed up with one of the best, if not thee best, in the world. Seeing their albums all together like that, you can really see what a difference quality makes. I also found software packages that allow me to do some pretty impressive things while editing.

Attending national or international conventions like this really open up your eyes to what’s out there, and what possibilities as a photographer you can pursue or images you can create. It’s quite the feeling when you see one of the top photographers in the world on stage describing how he or she does something and you realize, “Hey! I can do that!” Very empowering, indeed.

This will be my third convention of this callibre, after attending Professional Photographers of Canada (PPOC)’s 2009 annual convention in Regina and WPPI in 2011. I am a member in good standing with both WPPI and PPOC, along with the Nikon Professional Service (NPS).

What does all this mean for my clients? Regular, top-end professional development sessions like this allow me to offer cutting edge products and services. You can learn more in a week attending one of these seminars than you will in a few years on your own. All of that gets passed onto the client.

I can’t wait!



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