B&H Photo meets Google Streetview

20 01 2012

Wired.com noted on Jan. 19 that photography supplier powerhouse B&H Photo and Google have done a Google Streetview of their massive store in New York. For many photographers, this is nirvana. Leave the spouse at home, or give them the credit card, so that you don’t emply it sort of thing. Their printed catalog is a half inch thick (yes, they still print one). For a lot of hardware, they are the most competitive store in North America. Their adds have filled a dozen pages in the back of almost every photography magazine for as long as I can remember. I currently have an order for a four-port USB 3.0 card for my desktop expected to arrive tomorrow coming from them. If you can’t find it anywhere else – like a 4 port card, when everyone else had a 2 port card, look at B&H. High on my list is a 5-bay Network Attached Storage RAID from them.  

I still buy all my Nikon gear from Don’s Photo, who have treated me exceptionally well, including this past week. (More on that another time.)  

Check it out. I scrolled inside to make it easier. Unfortunately, you can’t access the whole store yet, including the second floor, which has all the camera bodies and lenses. Truth be told, on that front, a visit to one of the larger Don’s stores or The Camera Store in Calgary can give you almost the same experience, so I guess I saved myself a trip to New York.




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