Joining the Creative Cloud

7 05 2012

Adobe makes the best creative software in the world. They are the industry standard for everything from photo editting (Photoshop, Lightroom), video editting (Premiere Pro) to page layout (InDesign), web editting (DreamWeaver, Flash) and document standardization (pdf via Acrobat). The problem is, this software, when purchased one at a time, is incredibly expensive. Even if you buy the Master Collection of all of it, it’s  US$2,599, and needs regular updates.

Starting this week, Adobe is introducting a new pricing structure and system, called Adobe Creative Cloud. You get access to EVERYTHING, including continual upgrades, for the monthly cost of just US$50. When Photoshop itself costs $699 or $999, depending on the version, this is incredibly cheap. Plus, it’s a lot easier to cough up $50 a month than $699 a shot.

For one project, I recently experimented with my new Nikon D4’s video capability. I mixed video from the $7000 D4 with the Flip Video camera I was given at a trade show as a door prize. (My wife Michelle was the A-camera operator while my daughter Katrina ran the B-camera. Spencer provided plenty of opportunities to yell “cut!”)

I did all this video editting with Premiere Pro, the top notch video editting software – good enough to do movies on. But I didn’t feel like dishing out $799 for this one time use, so I just used the 30 day trial version. However, I didn’t finish the project within 30 days, so I was stuck. However, as of this week, I will be able to use the new version of Premiere Pro and finish it up.

The long and the short of it is as of this week, I will have full access to the top of the line photo editting packages at all times. It should make a number of things, like the 360 degree panoramas I have been specializing in recently, much easier to do. The results should be quite impressive, since recently most of my projects have been highly exacting, millimetre precision commercial work. Photoshop CS6 should be a great help.





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