Canadian Advanced ESP Virtual Tour

13 06 2012

I had a request to take some photos for Canadian Advanced ESP for their display at the Calgary Global Petroleum Show, which is taking place right now. (You can find them in Halls D, E – Booth 7711.)

I suggested doing a virtual tour, a niche form of photography I have recently been specializing in.

In this case, I did three different rooms – the test bench, the spooling area, and a completed horizontal pumping system (HPS) skid.

This tour has a substantial number of pop up photos detailing different features, such as the laser alignment tool and the Megger. I’m not entirely sure what a Megger is, but apparently they are used on nuclear submarines as well, according to a blog I read.

There were initially two versions of the HPS tour, one shot with daylight spilling in the windows, and one using strobes to illuminate the facility. I chose the strobe-lit version because the colours were sharper, the contrast was better, and the detail showed up much better.

To create a 360 degree panorama, each tour involves 18-22 frames shot on a very special and very expensive tripod head/levelling base/nodal rail/L-bracket system. It’s exacting, millimetre accurate work. It then takes Photoshop CS6 about 15-20 minutes to chomp through what turns out to be 22 photos x 16 megapixels = 352 megapixels. That’s truly enormous – so large that I have to substantially reduce the size of the final product so it won’t take forever to load.

The results, however, speak for themselves.

These tours are extremely technical, and therefore I have to charge more for them, but I feel they are worth it, and so do the clients, apparently.

Click on the photo above to be taken to the gallery of photos for this shoot. Click here to be taken to the complete tour. While the tour can be viewed on an iPad or iPhone (perfect for showing a client over lunch or coffee), it’s best viewed full screen, such as on a laptop. To activate full screen, click on the furthest right icon on the menu bar at the bottom of the tour. Your scroll wheel will zoom you in and out.



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