United Centrifuge

3 02 2014

Last fall I had the opportunity to photograph United Centrifuge, a Weyburn-based oilfield services company. They specialize in, well, dirt. They remove dirt from drilling mud.

The project was meant to provide material for their newly revamped website, now active, as well as marketing materials. We’re talking pamphlets, trade show displays, albums, the works.

Also part of the project was the virtual tour, which can be found here. It shows every aspect of their primary products, from multiple angles. It also works on an iPad.

This project was one of the most challenging to date and saw almost every tool in the toolbox used. There were high-dynamic range photos taken while on the vibrating mud tank of a drilling rig. If you’ve ever done HDR shots, you know that any movement can destroy the shot. There were numerous 360 panorams, again, taken on vibrating drilling rigs, tanks or centrifuges. For each of these panoramas, approximately 120 photos were taken to create one image.  The evening shots had speedlights used as fill-light for centrifuge. The GoPros were suck everywhere imaginable. The virtual tour was by far the most complex I have done to date. The canvas was also one of the largest to date, a 36×48. The only thing not incorporated was aerial work.

The shoot involved visiting three rigs over four days, plus one day in the yard. The final gallery was nearly 1,000 photos which can be seen here. Additionally, they had a album produced which you will be able to see at upcoming oil shows like the Redvers Oil Showcase in May.



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