Hawk up close and personal

5 08 2014
(c) 2014 Brian Zinchuk Publishing

(c) 2014 Brian Zinchuk Publishing

I was just finishing a photo shoot for Aquistore and came across this hawk on the road. Fortunately I happened to have the 70-300, my longest lens (actually my wife’s, but she lets me borrow it) on the D4. I got out of the truck and he just hung around on the ground, then took off. 

Curiously, a little bird pursued it (or possibly another hawk) about 200 yards away as I drove away. The hawk had roosted on a power pole, and a little bird kept attacking it, probably to keep it away from its babies. I saw the same behaviour the next day north of Estevan. 

This was a real thrill for me, on my bucket list (well, maybe with an eagle.) I have never been that close to a raptor before with a camera in hand, and I was tickled pink. 



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