12 Rigs of Christmas: Day 10: Panther Drilling Rig 1

13 12 2014

On the tenth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me: Panther Drilling Rig 1.

Panther Rig 1 was shot during the same frigid February week that Precision Drilling Rig 120 was. Indeed, they were operating within site of each other, about 4 miles apart, north of Macoun. This was my very first winter shoot of a rig, and man, was it cold. I have much better boots now in part as a result of this shoot.

This was also the first rig where I got the idea to catch a picture of the rig sign on the way in.

When I first came in Estevan in 2008, Panther was a 2-rig company. Now they are a four-rig company, as are Red Dog and Betts, with Stampede and Crusader at 3. I get the feeling 4 rigs is a comfortable place to be.

Panther Rig 1 can be found here.

The rest of my rigs can be found here.

My 12 Rigs of Christmas is winding to a close, only two more to go. If anyone has a request, now is the time to let me know in the comments on my Facebook page.

Merry Christmas!



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