12 Rigs of Christmas: Day 11: Crusader Rig 2

14 12 2014

Metro would do his big finish to his 11 Days of Christmas, singing about 11 pounds of chisneck (you know, garlic!) With that in mind, this rig is based in the perogy belt of Yorkton. I grew up in Yorkton, my family is still there, and I was surprised as hell that a drilling rig company would end up being based there.

So, for the 11th day of Christmas, my toolpush gave to me, Crusader Drilling Rig 2!

And in John Deere Green (and yellow) no less!

Crusader is a project I am in the midst of. I got some of these pictures last summer near Stoughton on my way back from news shoot. This rig spent a lot of time drowning in water that summer. They got enough water in June or so to make a duck happy, but not much else.

I never got so many ticks in my life as I did this evening standing beside the road for just a few minutes.

There are a few pictures of Crusader 2 here. I hope to get some shots of Rig 3 working in the foothills later this winter.

If anyone would like prints, please message me through Facebook.

I asked for requests for the last of the 12 Rigs of Christmas. It’s been a smashing success, and I hope to do it again next Christmas. We’ll hopefully see some services rigs. I am humbled by all the kind comments. Thank you.

So far I’ve had one request for Panther 2, but that’s it. (A loving mom hoped to see her son. If that’s you sonny, your mommy loves you!) If you haven’t seen your rig from Panther, Betts, Stampede or Red Dog, speak up in the comments on my Facebook page and put in a request.




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