12 Rigs of Christmas 2015: Day 5: Stampede Rig 3

29 11 2015


On the fifth day of Christmas, the toolpush gave to me…  Stampede Drilling Rig 3.

Stampede Rig 3 was working close to the U.S. border at the time. Indeed, I think it has spent most of its career drilling withing a few miles of Mackenzie Meats, which made for a good snack when I was out there.

I believe Stampede 3 is the newest rig in the Saskatchewan drilling fleet at this time.

While some of the other rigs you may have seen before, this is the first time I have put photos of Stampede Rig 3 out “in the wild.” There are some really good sunset shots. Also, I went out an extra day to get photos of Stampede 2 and 3 working close enough together that you could get both in the same photo. It’s rare to have two rigs from the same company working so close to each other.

For the video slideshow I had to pick a country song for Bill and Jackie, the crew that runs Stampede in Estevan.

The Stampede Drilling Rig 3 gallery can be found here at Stampede Rig 3.

If you’re looking for more rigs, check out the master drilling gallery here.

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For the next three days (Nov. 29-Dec. 2) I am running a sale: 15% off all Stampede Drilling prints. This includes Rigs 1, 2 and 3. (Discount does not include shipping). You can order normal photo prints, canvases, metal prints (which are AWESOME) or even a coffee mug. The coupon code is: Stampede

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