Battle at F-Stop 2

19 01 2012

The Camera Store in Calgary put out a phenomenal video last year called Battle at F-Stop Ridge. It was a recreation of a World War I-style battle, with trech warfare and the like, except with cameras as machine guns, and flashes as grenades. It went absolutely viral, having hit 2.1 million views to date.

On Jan. 18, they posted The Battle at F-Stop 2.

It’s really good. Not as good as the original, but pretty close. Using compact flash cards like falling shell casings was pricesless. Having tripods as barbed wire entanglements was pretty good, too. 

It ends saying, “Photography. We still take it really seriously.”

I can proudly claim I was the 301st person to view it. That figure will soon add about 4 zeros over the next month. UPDATE: One day later, the total views was 16,782, and climbing.

Here it is:

And here is the original:


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