First canvas went to auction

29 01 2016


Today was a big day for me. It’s the first time I’ve donated a canvas of my oilfield photography to a charitable cause. In this case it was the Estevan Sportsman’s Dinner in support of the Estevan Bruins Junior A hockey team.


This is the first time I’ve produced this image. It was taken a year ago, on a very cold January day five miles northeast of Stoughton. There are three rigs in the centre, flanked by two HG pumpjacks. There was actually a fourth rig in the sequence, but it was across the road and there was no way to line up all four in this manner.

Three guesses who they were drilling for.


I have another copy of this image that will be mounted and ready for sale this weekend. I also have similar canvases available at the Solar Art Gallery in the Estevan Shoppers Mall.


I can also do conventional photo prints up to 44 x 96 inches, canvases up to 36 x96 inches, and metal prints up to 36 x 48 inches. Four of these are currently being installed in a Calgary-based junior oil producer’s office.

If you would like to order a canvas print like this, please contact me. Here’s a gallery of some photos you might want to consider.




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