A Jedi with a camera

18 12 2015

For many years I’ve joked with friends and assistants about being a Jedi knight with a camera, powerful with the ways of the Force. After all, photography is all about light, and dark….

For a while there I even had an unofficial padawan, as it were, who has gone on to do great things. You can check out Josh’s website at www.getmyphoto.ca. (“When I left you, I was but the learner. Now I am the master…” Yes, I am that much of a nerd.)

Thus it’s entirely appropriate I bought some pre-roll advertising for Star Wars: The Force Awakens, when it plays at the Estevan Orpheum Theatre. The 20-second clip highlights several of my specialties, but not all.

If you’re looking for a professional photographer, you want someone who can handle any situation and come away with high quality, usable images. That can be commercial work in the oilfield, or grad portraits that stand out from the rest. As a news photographer first and foremost, I have to be adaptable to shoot just about anything in any situation or lighting condition.

Here are some of the areas I’ve built my skills in over the years:

Additionally, I’m in the process of developing:

  • Video
  • Drone aerial work (coming spring 2016, as soon as some federal regulations change)

I also offer high-end products you don’t see around here that often like

So is that being a Jedi with a camera? Maybe. But I wield my Nikons like a lightsaber.

If you have a project coming up and need images that will stand out, please contact me at 306-461-5599 or brian.zinchuk@sasktel.net. You can also check out my Facebook page.



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