Regina Wedding Expo

21 01 2011

Wow, the last two weeks have been busy! I spent a lot of time leading up to the Regina Wedding Expo getting everything  right, then had to slam into my production week for my newspaper. I am finally getting a chance to breath (for an evening) before going to Steinbach, Manitoba, to shoot a two-rink ringette tournament.

It was great to see all the people at the Regina Wedding Expo. We were certainly busy, barely having a minute to sit down. I’m not sure who won our framed print of an elevator and train tracks at sunset, but I hope they enjoyed it.

I probably spoke to at least 30 brides, and even a few grooms, and my associate, Jon, spoke to quite a few as well. I hope to hear from those people soon.

In several cases, there were two or three people asking about the same date. I take bookings on a first come-first serve basis, so don’t hesitate!

A lot of people seemed to really like the idea of having my special event printer there at the reception. It’s a new idea, and I hope it works out well.

I have a commercial-grade dye-sublimation printer that can whip out lab quality, dry prints in 17 seconds. During the reception, either I or my assistant will choose 20 shots from the ceremony and portrait sessions, do a quick edit, and load them onto the printer. Anyone who would like a print can get one, right then and there, for $10 each, and take it home that night. It should be great for Granny or Aunt Beth who may not have got the shot they were hoping for.

Over the coming weeks I will be posting more galleries on this blog, as well as a few tips I’ve picked up over the years.

Oh, don’t forget to check out my facebook page. Be sure to click “Like.” I’m thinking of offering some promotions in the future, and that’s most likely where they will be.




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