The wedding emergency kit

21 01 2011
Wedding Emergency Kit

Just some of the things the bridal party should have

Over the years, I’ve found that the photographer sometimes becomes a bit of “the wedding planner,” the person who is expected to have all the answers. More than once, I’ve had people ask me, “Hey, what do we do here? You’re at weddings all the time…”

I soon started carrying a kit of basic supplies. This is just a partial kit. In it you would find the following:

  1. Tide Pen – a must to remove stains. I used to carry Shout Wipes, but haven’t seen them in years.
  2. Numerous safety pins. Note the large ones – those are just in case the bride’s dress has a wardrobe malfunction. I’ve actually had to use one or two of those.
  3. Clothing measuring tape – think neck sizes.
  4. Sewing kit you get at hotels. I collect one every time I stay at a hotel for this very reason.
  5. Leatherman Wave multitool. I STRONGLY recommend each side of the bridal party have one of these. They are very useful in bending over the end of pins for flowers on collars, cutting threads, fixing nearly anything. I always have mine with me for that reason.

Items that are missing from the picture but will be in there when the time comes:

  1. Granola bars – not just for me. Brides who refuse to eat anything are not happy campers. Make sure you eat something.
  2. Halls – in case someone is coughing a lot in the church
  3. Rolaids – someone may be having heartburn
  4. Advil – in my camera bag, just because
  5. Frozen, bottled water – lots of it. Dehyradration does not make for good pictures. It gets hot in July. Drink lots, and not just the wobbly pops!

I also tie ties.



One response

21 01 2011

Thats a basic survival kit that could be used at any formal function. I would also recommend the gel pads for women s shoes. You know the ones that go under the ball of the foot ( I think they are one size fits all).
A lot of women are not used to wearing high heels and can become very grumpy with sore feet.

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