Nikon Professional Services Newest Member

18 03 2011
Nikon Professional Service

Nikon Professional Services

I just got this email today:

“Welcome to Nikon Professional Services. You are among an elite international group of special Nikon photographers.”

This is a big deal for me. To qualify as a Nikon Pro, you must be a full time working professional, submitting samples of recent, paid work. You must own, at minimum, two professional bodies and two professional lenses. Very few photographers actually become Nikon or Canon Pros.

Membership provides for expedited repairs of hardware, and access to loaner professional lenses if requested. This is because Nikon Pros need their gear to make a living, and can’t wait the weeks it might otherwise take.

I had a chance to meet with the Nikon Canada Pro rep while in Las Vegas in February. I’ve been aspiring to membership in NPS for years. I am absolutely thrilled.



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