2011 Western Canadian Synchro Championships

27 03 2011
2011 Western Canadian Synchro Championships

Those seven other swimmers have to be churning up a storm to get her airborne

I am currently in Regina at 2011 Western Canadian Synchro Championships. On Friday, I shot, oh, about 3,000 photos. On Saturday, another 6,000 or so. They are amazing!

Saturday night the computer churned through uploading about 2/3 of the photos so far. They are available at www.zinchuk.ca. There are instructions on the home page for ordering disks. Be sure to like www.facebook.com/BrianZinchukPublishing  for updates on print specials one I get a chance to post selected photos to my more advanced ordering site at zinchuk.smugmug.com.

Not only was it hot and humid on the diving deck (as well as the perfect angle), one really works up a sweat shooting this high-paced event. I even caught myself moving to the music on occasion. I am posting my very first video blog on my Facebook page right now, but it might take a while to upload. My assistant and loving mother videoed the action, including some of the fasted lens swaps I have ever done. Blink, and you might miss it. As soon as the link is up, I will post it here.



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