Synchro photos being uploaded

28 03 2011

Wow, it takes a long time to upload 9400 photos! Right now, pretty much all for Friday from 2 p.m on, and the first half of Saturday, are uploaded. I anticipate the remainder should be up by somewhere around morning to noon Tuesday, give or take. Photos can be found at

Please take note, until April 15, disks of whole routines are half price! Also, I will be selling individual files for $15 for the first one, $10 for subsequent ones on the same order. Again, that’s only until April 15.

I hope everyone got home okay. I didn’t get out of Regina until after 5 p.m. It took one hour and 45 minutes to get from Regina to Weyburn. That’s usually an hour trip. I nearly lost control on the ice twice, once ending up in the oncoming traffic lane. A 5-ton commercial truck was upside down in the ditch, as was a Suburban. I got as far as a friends place in Weyburn and said, that’s all I’m doing today. Another friend spent 2.5 hours going from Moose Jaw to Regina, a 45 minute trip usually. So I hope you are all home safe, alive and well.



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