Fine Art Canvas Wrap Prints Now at Estevan Pharmasave

2 11 2012

It’s taken a lot of work to get to this point, but the first of my fine art canvas wrap prints are now available for sale

These are my first fine art canvas wrap prints, available for sale at Estevan’s Pharmasave. On the left is “Freestone,” and the right is “Vortex Rig 1 at Dusk.”

at Estevan’s Pharmasave. You can find them in the corner near the pharmacy counter.

I hung two canvases today. The first is  “Freestone,” a corral, a drilling rig, two service rigs and several pumpjacks. It was taken this past February halfway between Kisbey and Forget near the PetroBakken Freestone battery. It is really indicative of the intense activity of the Bakken play. If you work in the patch, there’s a good chance at some point you have seen this sight, some something very similar.

This is a  60×24 inch print (5 feet by 2 feet). Of the 400,000+ photos I have taken in the past 9 years, this picture has gotten the most attention. It was the print I had at the Estevan Chamber of Commerce Showcase in late September.

The second is “Vortex Rig 1 At Dusk.” It is Vortex Drilling’s first rig, built in Estevan at DoAll Industries, at work on its first hole. That took place southwest of Lake Alma in June 2011. There’s several things that I like about this print besides its aesthetic quality: it’s a locally owned-company, working in southeast Saskatchewan, and built in Estevan.

This is a high-dynamic range photo (HDR), which means it is actually a melding of five different photos taken at different exposures and combined into one. This allows you to see the dark and light areas of the image. This print is 48×36 inches (4 feet by 3 feet).

They are printed on Epson exhibition canvas with 200 year inks, laminated with archival laminate, and mounted on furniture-grade fir stretcher frames. Future prints will be on either fir or oak frames.

Both will retail for $999.99, and would look great over a couch, dining room table, or on an office wall.

I was pleasantly surprised to see people walking up to these canvases right away after they were hung.

I was really humbled by people’s reaction’s looking at them. As soon as they went up, three people came up and looked them over intently. Within an hour, one person had already asked about the price.

To answer one of their questions, yes, there will be smaller sizes, at a lower price. Expect them the third week of November. I will have some 60×24, 48×24, 36×24, 24×24 and possibly a few other sizes available over time.

If anyone has any requests for prints, click here to be take to a gallery of some other photos that will be available for sale.

Thanks to Brad Cooper at Pharmasave for displaying these canvases. I hope everyone enjoys them as much as I do. The Freestone canvas hangs above our couch at home.



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