More Fine Art Prints Available at Pharmasave

2 12 2012


I now have three more prints available for sale at Pharmasave. They are smaller and less expensive than the initial two.

From left, they are a 24×36 called “Night Shift at North Gate Betts 1.” This is a wonderful HDR photo. It goes for $600.
The very orange picture is another view of Betts 1. It’s called, remarkably enough, “Sunset at Northgate Betts 1.”  The 24×24 size worThe next is a black and white 15×24 called “Precision Drilling at Oungre.” This is another sunset shot, and it came out very nicely as a black and white. The smaller size would work well in a hallway. It is $250.

ks well in a variety of environments, from a stairwell  or hallway to a smaller wall. It is priced at $400.

The last one “Vortex Rig 1 At Dusk.” It is quite large, at 36×48 inches, and will dominate most walls. It is priced at $1000.



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