Jeremy Godfrey Grad

25 06 2013


I only had two grads this year. This is the second. I love the Godfrey family. Wendy was my daughter’s Brownies instructor. Robert’s Number News is amazing journalism for a 15 year old guy who decided to buy a camera one day. Mike coaches football, and they have bought several football photos off me in the past. Finally Jeremy, our grad here, was named Estevan’s male athlete of the year. We had to schedule the shoot during the week because he had a hockey tournament on the weekend. He also plays baseball and football.

At the end of the shoot, I pointed out, “We don’t really have any normal shots.”
Wendy said, “We’re not normal!”

On that note, I had to do a second version of the slide show. Let’s just say it has something to do with what he’s wearing.

You are able to find the full gallery here.



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