12 Rigs of Christmas: Day 11: Crusader Rig 2

14 12 2014

Metro would do his big finish to his 11 Days of Christmas, singing about 11 pounds of chisneck (you know, garlic!) With that in mind, this rig is based in the perogy belt of Yorkton. I grew up in Yorkton, my family is still there, and I was surprised as hell that a drilling rig company would end up being based there.

So, for the 11th day of Christmas, my toolpush gave to me, Crusader Drilling Rig 2!

And in John Deere Green (and yellow) no less!

Crusader is a project I am in the midst of. I got some of these pictures last summer near Stoughton on my way back from news shoot. This rig spent a lot of time drowning in water that summer. They got enough water in June or so to make a duck happy, but not much else.

I never got so many ticks in my life as I did this evening standing beside the road for just a few minutes.

There are a few pictures of Crusader 2 here. I hope to get some shots of Rig 3 working in the foothills later this winter.

If anyone would like prints, please message me through Facebook.

I asked for requests for the last of the 12 Rigs of Christmas. It’s been a smashing success, and I hope to do it again next Christmas. We’ll hopefully see some services rigs. I am humbled by all the kind comments. Thank you.

So far I’ve had one request for Panther 2, but that’s it. (A loving mom hoped to see her son. If that’s you sonny, your mommy loves you!) If you haven’t seen your rig from Panther, Betts, Stampede or Red Dog, speak up in the comments on my Facebook page and put in a request.

Recent canvas sales

10 02 2013
Estevan mayor's office

Estevan Mayor Roy Ludwig beside his new canvas print for his office. As a miner for 36 years, I am guessing he has been on every inch of territory seen in this photo.

It’s been a pretty exciting week, with several fine art canvases being delivered this week.

First up was one picture that is now hanging in Estevan Mayor Roy Ludwig’s office in Estevan City Hall. It’s an aerial shot that was taken last fall while I was doing another shoot for Panther Drilling. The pilot was kind enough to take me over the Aquistore drilling site near Boundary Dam Power Station.

When I zoomed in on this shot, I was surprised at all that was in it. It basically has everything important to the Estevan economy in one shot.

  1. Boundary Dam Power Station
  2. The Boundary Dam Unit 3 carbon capture plant
  3. Shand Power Station
  4. The Bienfait charcoal facility
  5. Three draglines
  6. Coal haulers
  7. A large mining shovel
  8. A triple drilling rig
  9. The Aquistore injection well, which was the deepest well in Saskatchewan until…
  10. The Aquistore observation well was drilled next door. That’s the well the rig is on in this picture.
  11. Souris River Valley
  12. Farmland

The only thing it’s missing is a pumpjack. I’m sure there are some in the far background, but they are not visible.

This was one of the largest prints I have ever made. It’s 36×48, or 12 square feet. It’s about as big as the door I hung it from to dry after printing. What’s even more remarkable is you need to blow up this picture that large to see all the details I just listed. That’s what amazed me – how much detail can be found in these photos now.

Western Star Stoughton

This is the second lobby I have decorated for the Western Star Inn & Suites Chain

The second sale is to Western Star Inn & Suites. I provided several prints, including canvas and metallic paper on gatorboard, for their Carlyle location last year. This is for their new Stoughton location, which just opened. The four prints are, from left to right, CanElson at Stoughton, Vortex 1 at Lake Alma, Panther 4 at Benson, and Betts 1 at Northgate.

The CanElson rig (I’m not sure which one) was photographed just half a mile from the hotel location, southwest of the intersection of Highways 13 and 47. You can see the resulting pumpjack from the breakfast area window.

The large blue print, Vortex 1, is the same size as the mayor’s print – 36×48. The remaining prints are 24×36.

Finally, one of my 24×60 Kisbey fenceposts and three rigs prints was delivered on the same day to a service rig hand who is working near Estevan but staying at the Carlyle Western Star. It’s a copy of the print hanging in that hotel’s lobby. Out of the roughly 400,000 photos I have taken since 2003, that photo has received more interest than any other. It’s my signature piece these days.

My prints were available at Estevan’s Pharmasave until this past Christmas. Watch for more to be available at Ron’s the Workwear Store in Estevan and Weyburn in March. There’s one of the Kisbey fenceposts and three rigs in Weyburn right now. Otherwise, you can contact me directly.




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